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Amakudari Army

A new faction starting to take shape.

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Grubby Grubs

Grubby Grubs and the Grubs Who Love Them

These alien grubs just woke up, and they're HUNGRY!

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Let's Talk Scenarios

I've tried to add some structure to our blast'em up games.

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Frost Amazon APC

Frost Amazon Troop Carriers

These armored personnel carriers are easy to 3D print and look great.

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A lot of 3D printed wargame models

Too Much of a Good Thing

3D printing my own wargame models has really lengthened the paint queue over the last year.

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3D printed urban flora terrain

We Want A Shrubbery

15mm scale urban decorative planter benches for adding character and cover.

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Status Update 15mm Scifi

Status Update

Here's a quick look at what's taking up my painting table space right now.

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