Modeling and Printing Related

Armored Hover Bike

Heavy Armored Hover Bike

I 3D modeled a hover bike for scouting enemy positions.

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Raven Mech

Quoth The Raven Nevermore

I printed a Raven from Battletech for one of my 15mm scale 3D printed wargaming armies.

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Amalgam Mech

Amalgam Mech

The Frankenstein's Monster of 15mm scale 3D printed wargaming.

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Melter Laser

Modeling A New Mech Weapon

I decided to design a new weapon for my mecha units to carry into battle.

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Combat Tokens

3D Printed Combat Tokes

This time I 3D print some colorful game tokens to use with my various war games.

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Thanatos Commander Mech

Thanatos Heavy Mech

A model from Mechwarrior Online 3D printed for my 15mm gaming hobby.

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Osiris Commander Mech

Osiris Commander 3D Printed

The mecha model I have been 3D printing has finished. It's from a video game I enjoy playing called Planetary Annihilation and the model can be found here. Let's take a look at what a freshly printed figure looks like.

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