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Amakudari Army

A new faction starting to take shape.

The Amakudari infantry are a lot of fun to paint and have a nice consistent style to them. Their bisected monocular helmets make them easily identifiable on the tabletop while gaming. The model is sold by Micropanzer which also makes many other really great models. You should check them out if you aren't already familiar with them.

There was one issue I ran into. The Amakudari Sentry Squad came without their heads connected. That is to say, the heads were included on a separate sprue. While the idea of being able to select the direction my models are "looking" seems interesting in theory, in practice it becomes tedious and adds room for user error. The fact that this model came with it's head unattached makes me nervous about other models I might want to order from them. I think recasting the sculpt as a single piece would be a worthy endeavor.

The mechanized portions of this army are all 3D printed from different sources with a theme of long narrow style and a matching camo theme to unify the army. The camouflage theme is based around an earthy rocky planet. Nutmeg brown with khaki tiger stripes.

In the rear, from left to right, we have the Cyclops which is a slightly modified model from the game Planetary Annihilation. The O-7X Heavy Assault Crawler by the very prolific modeler Arian Croft. In front of that are three GunHounds also by Arian Croft. I scaled these down to make them a bit more like human sized robots rather than giant mecha. Next is the Raven which is a light mech from Battletech. There are multiple models of this mech on Thingiverse, simply search for Raven to find one of the many. Then finally we have the Dwarven Loamship as our troop transport.

So far all vehicle models have been base coated with camouflage and shaded in the recesses and panel lines. The infantry have been MOSTLY base coated and shaded. I still have some details to pick out such as the helmets and weaponry. The next step after that is some edge highlighting on the whole army, a bit of work on the bases, and then they're finished.