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Grubby Grubs

Grubby Grubs and the Grubs Who Love Them

These alien grubs just woke up, and they're HUNGRY!

Todays update is about this cute little Worm Monster designed by Quantum Rand.

As you can see I printed quite a few of them. I've been using them as aliens in a "Defend The Colony" scenario that's still being fine tuned for smoother game play. The nice thing about this scenario is that it can be played as a solitaire game. It was designed for when we had odd numbers of gamers and it turns out it works pretty well with the grubs being an NPC as well. The down side of this is that there's not much for the grub player to do strategically if you decide to have an actual person manning the... grubs... or whatever. Anyway it seems to work better as a solitaire game than as an actual normal scenario so far.

Basic Grubs

Here's a picture of them after they just had their first base coat of brown applied, before I started adding highlights and details. Detail can be a bit light on some small 3D printed models but paint and patience can really help make them pop on the game table.

I'm not making the scenario available yet as it still has some fine tuning that needs to be done but in the mean time I though it would be nice to show off some more of my 3D printed models I'm playing with on my 15mm scifi wargame table.