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Let's Talk Scenarios

I've tried to add some structure to our blast'em up games.

Some people require very little from their war games. They couldn't care less why one heavily armed group would want to engage in conflict with another heavily armed group. Their simple minds delight in nothing more than the act of destruction itself. Reasons for conflict are something the bean counters work out. The grunts just show up and shoot. I'm one of those people.

But my fellow gamers don't see it that way and after a while even I have to admit to wanting more out of my Red vs Blue action than just "Kill'em All". So to that end I've worked on writing out some rules for "Kill'em All" as a proper scenario so that it can be put in it's place among the many other scenarios available to us. We can visit it again as we roll through different scenarios to keep things fresh. I've written it to be specifically for the Gruntz system but you can apply it to any system by changing the Victory Point totals to be more in line with the rules system you are using.

I ended up making some objectives only achievable via infantry. Infantry need a chance to bring more utility to the board. Different end game objectives give a little more flexibility there. I borrowed some from other scenarios and rules systems when writing this. Finally I tried to add some element of chance without unbalancing everything too much. Some tweaking of the Victory points totals will be necessary after we do some play testing. Having these elements available for tweaking helps to control game balance through victory points totals.

I've made the scenario available as a PDF.

Download The Scenario

Image credit: Photo by military journalist Taras Gren.