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Frost Amazon APC

Frost Amazon Troop Carriers

These armored personnel carriers are easy to 3D print and look great.

The design of these 15mm Sci-Fi Alien Grav-APC with Rail Gun models is simple but elegant. Chunky geometric primitives block out the main hull giving the appearance of solid platform. Doors on either side of the tank illustrate that it is an APC for deploying infantry rapidly. The turret is covered in what looks like reactive armor plates and a clean looking hatch for the crew. The cannon is a simple but effective barrel in an unusual shape.

The Frost Amazon infantry I painted are holding pistols and long knives. This makes dealing with heavy armor an issue. The Grav-APC was ideal for the needs of this army. This model will be able to rapidly insert the troops as well as provide support against mecha, tanks, and other heavy threats on the game table.

The bottom of the model was just barely not quite flat on the 3D printer build table and the barrel of the railgun had no hole on the end and was close to the build plate but still floating without support. I spent a few moments to create this alternate version that prints a little bit easier without any additional support. Use a hobby knife to trim off the built in support for the railgun after printing.