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Amalgam Mech

Amalgam Mech

The Frankenstein's Monster of 15mm scale 3D printed wargaming.

This big boy is getting printed extra large. I have decided to name it the Jumping Spider. I'll be basing him on a compact disk or possibly two 50mm washers, one under each foot. The white cylinder visible in the image that he's standing on is scaled to the size of a standard CD.

I put together the pieces from a few different mecha models I've found online together into one new whole. I needed something to carry my Melter Laser into battle against the other local Tampa 15mm wargamers in our Gruntz games. Eventually I'd like to actually be designing my own mech units but I think there's a lot of fun to be had from playing mix and match as well.

A promising piece of software by the name of 3D Printer Forge was released recently that allows you to create your own mecha from various parts. Sadly it's release was not as exciting as hoped for. The models had serious manifold problems rendering them difficult to print.

So not to let a good idea go to waste, I have started making my own personal version of this program using pieces of models on thingiverse. I'll be making models for personal painting and gaming use only with it. I've created a giant Blender 3D modeling file that I keep various arms, legs, torsos, and weapons in to be able to rapidly build new and exciting units from my own much more functional version of the 3D Printer Forge. Not unlike a set of mech legos or a really great bits box.