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3D printed urban flora terrain

We Want A Shrubbery

15mm scale urban decorative planter benches for adding character and cover.

I designed the base in TinkerCAD and printed it with my Flashforge Creator Pro. I went with a very simple design, something that would be very fast and easy to paint up so that I can get it on the battlefield quickly. The model is available here.

The bushes are a combination of two different kinds of flocking. I started by gluing in a set of thick dark green flocking and then sprinkled in some lighter colored and finer flocking on top. Finally I set the flocking by painting it all with watered down PVA glue.

The alien scifi "trees" are trimmed bits from a decorative plastic plant. Craft stores often carry many styles of these. The one I'm using I found at a going out of business sale for some tourist store while away on vacation in Wisconsin. They were using it as decoration so I got a whole bunch for only one dollar.

Infantry are very out in the open when they cross city streets on foot. The cover these terrain features provide when placed in the medians of the roads and the centers of intersections will improve the mobility of infantry in future games and make them a more viable choice for army composition.