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Thanatos Commander Mech

Thanatos Heavy Mech

A model from Mechwarrior Online 3D printed for my 15mm gaming hobby.

The Mechwarrior line of games has long produced some very nice looking models. The MechWarrior: Dark Age models work well as small light mecha. The Classic Battletech models are much smaller and work for unmanned drones at most in 15mm scale wargaming. So it's a pleasant surprise that so many models are available to 3D print. I print them larger than MechWarrior: Dark Age models so that they can operate as medium or even heavy mechs in my 15mm scale games.

Thanatos Mech

The next time I print this model I'm probably going to mirror the left arm so that both arms are that cannon combo. I feel like the missile pod arm looks kind of kludgy. The model was originally two pieces, torso and legs. I did a little 3D modeling work to split the arms off the model. Now they can be printed separately and partially posed. I used the model Thanatos by Mif200k as the basis and did only some minor changes.

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