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Osiris Commander Mech

What's 3D Printing Now?

Video games are a ton of fun, perhaps too much fun. They can often steal time away from other hobbies like 15mm scifi wargaming.

There are up sides as well. They also serve as really great inspiration when I am looking for something to add to the 15mm wargame battlefield. Check out this Osiris Commander from the game Planetary Annihilation.

I really enjoyed the aesthetic used in Planetary Annihilation to keep the poly count low but the models looking sharp. The designers really out did themselves with the myriad Commander models that are part of Planetary Annihilation. This model is being printed roughly 60mm cubed. Intended to take part in the war games as a medium mech in the Gruntz 15mm scifi wargaming rules system.

There are several Planetary Annihilation models I'd like to print for my army. I have already painted a Nemicus Commander and he was a lot of fun. He came out nicely and I use him as a weaponized repair bot. The Nemicus Commander model was printed roughly half as large as the Osiris.

Nemicus Commander Mech

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What's 3D Printing Now?