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Grimdark Ruin

Grimdark Ruin

Today we are going over the Warhammer 40K broken building corner by flameblade. I have remixed a 15mm version here renamed as 15mm Scale Modular Building.

The material I used to print this model with is white PLA by Hatchbox from Amazon.
Printed at:
Temperature: 192°C
Layer Height: .2mm
Infill: 10%
Print Speed: 40mms
Support: No
Active Cooling: Yes
Printing a single copy with these settings took 4 hours 39 minutes and used roughly 14.3 meters of 1.75mm PLA filament. You could print approximately 23 of these with a 1kg (330m) roll of filament costing you roughly 87 cents each give or take depending on the cost of your filament. I was able to fit all three pieces on my build plate as a single print.


This little ruined building looks sort of like a cathedral or some gothic structure. Ideal for a futuristic 15mm scifi wargame in a grimdark setting. The three floors are split into three parts and that's why this model is such a prize. You can glue the parts on top of each other for a ruin that is three stories tall or you can lay the three pieces out aligned with each other to make a single story ruined building. The levels stack very well and there's lots of windows for infantry to shoot out of. If you keep it as a one story building the three pieces nest into each other very well for storage. Over all I really like the design.


The model includes a lot of visual appeal. Crumbling windows hint at decades, possibly even centuries of decay. Cracks going up the sides of the building will make painting depth into the piece easy. Unfortunately what these cracks add to the look they also take away from the usefulness of the piece. If you have a board with three of these buildings you're going to have to do some work to make them look dissimilar unless you don't mind a city of mirror clones with cracks at exactly the same place on every building in town. I personally plan on printing only two of them myself. One to glue together permanently as a three story building and one to leave as a scattered destroyed single story building.


All three pieces fit on the build plate of my Flashforge Creator Pro so I was able to print it all in one go. By splitting the model up into three pieces the designer got rid of any toublesome overhangs. The windows are arched so they shouldn't give your printer too much trouble, or none at all if you have active cooling enabled. The piece printed very easily without any hangups or issues on the first try. I highly recommend this model for novice printers.


This is another lovely piece to add to your 3D printed collection of 15mm scifi wargame models. I'm already setting up another to print and I look forward to painting them both in a suitably dreary grimdark grey with creeping vines growing up the side and some dubious red stains on the walls and floors. Download a copy and print your own!