Modeling and Printing Related

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The Omnisphere

The Omnisphere features a removable top. One of my favorite features for 15mm scifi wargame buildings. One of my early forays into 3D printing.

Why The Omnisphere?

Omnisphere Top View. Purchases Made Through Links On This Page Support 15mm.42I frequented Thingiverse a lot before I received my Flashforge Creator Pro. I quickly became a fan of Dutch Mogul. His work creating models and games is quite impressive. So naturally I wanted to get to work printing some of his models as soon as I had the ability. I decided to start with his Omnisphere. The excellent design allowing units to move inside with removable roof is in line with how I plan on doing my game table's scenery.

Printing To The Wee Hours

Purchases Made Through Links On This Page Support 15mm.42I started off by scaling the Omnisphere down to 15mm scale (60%) in Slic3r and exporting the new STL file into my ReplicatorG software for slicing. Luckily I was able to fit the entire newly resized set of pieces in one print on my build plate. The print took so long that it became late and I tried to pause it so I could get some sleep. I stayed up until the floor of the main building was printed. That's when I paused it for the night.

ABS Does Not Like Pausing Prints

Purchases Made Through Links On This Page Support 15mm.42When I restarted it the next day, the white ABS would not bond to the cold print already deposited. The new layers warped and peeled off. The main building was ruined. I had a good dome top, a good door, and good stairs, but a building that ended at just above the floor. Like most model war game enthusiasts I'm used to creating buildings out of trash so the failure still has a future. There were some other issues as well with the ABS Omnisphere. ABS had some issues sticking to the build plate and curling at the edges. This was most notable at the front of the building where the steps connect.

Now Let's Try It With PLA

Purchases Made Through Links On This Page Support 15mm.42I printed another set of stairs and the main building in black PLA the next day. This time I was awake throughout. I noticed a lot less warping with the PLA. It stuck to the print bed magnificently and only had a couple minor issues with printing overhangs. This model was printed without support so my printer had to manage all the overhang itself. I didn't print the dome or door this time. I'll be using the door and dome set printed in the failed ABS attempt to complete this model. I'll end up painting the entire model later so the plastic colors are fairly irrelevant.

Win/Win Situation

Purchases Made Through Links On This Page Support 15mm.42Now I have a complete building as well as a partial building. This creates a matching pair of buildings. One with lots of cover and another with an open raised area. They will seem like different buildings, but in a consistent architecture style. It's nice to be able to turn failed prints into something nice. My plan is to add benches and perhaps a fountain in the open air Omnisphere.