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15mm Small Desert House Review

Today I printed the 15mm Small Desert House by johnybrokenbones. This piece is an instant classic.

The material I used to print the model with is white PLA by Hatchbox from Amazon.
Printed at:
Layer Height: .2mm
Infill: 10%
Print Speed: 40mms
Support: No
Printing a single copy with these settings took 3 hours 27 minutes and used roughly 11.5 meters of 1.75mm PLA filament. You could print approximately 28 of these with a 1kg (330m) roll of filament costing you between 85 to 65 cents each depending on the cost of filament. As with most PLA prints, active cooling was turned on after the first layer. Active cooling helps immensely with printing PLA models to achieve smoother results and cleaner overhangs.


Purchases Made Through Links On This Page Support 15mm.42This design is based on many previous similar styles of 15mm scenery. Still this 15mm model has many nice features which make it ideal for wargaming. Strategy is built right into the design with this 15mm scifi piece. The door into the house is on the opposite side of the stairs up to the roof. The other two walls both sport windows to shoot out of, as does the side with the door. The roof is removable to reveal the inside of the building. A cleverly placed wooden crate on the roof gives you something to grab onto when removing the roof.


Purchases Made Through Links On This Page Support 15mm.42Detail is fairly low but acceptable. The stairs look nice. The crate on the roof is a really nice touch. The top edges of the walls are smooth. But the windows are blank squares and the door is also blank with a thin door frame. It's going to need a little spicing up especially if I want to have more than one of these on the playing field. Some graffiti and tiny posters on the walls would definitely add some nice flair. Easily drill a few bullet holes into the PLA. Later I might try reprinting the model with open windows and a front door that's ajar to see how they look.


Purchases Made Through Links On This Page Support 15mm.42The 15mm Small Desert House printed like a dream. It produced a perfect model on my first try with no support. The simple design creates a print that has negligible overhang and no tricky spots. If you have a very small build space you could break up the model into two separate pieces if you needed to but it's very compact so I don't see this being a common issue. I wish everything was this easy to print.


Purchases Made Through Links On This Page Support 15mm.42I could easily see myself printing ten of these just for myself. I'm sure several of my game friends are going to want me to spit out a copy for them. This model is a simple classic and a must have for any 15mm gaming table. Remember that many local libraries now have 3D printers available. Get yourself a set of these for your table.